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Researcher Development

Researcher Development

Plan your programme

Before you start to select presenters (Chapter 9) it is important to decide how many time slots you have. This depends on the conference time – half a day, one day, or multiple days – and how much time you allocate to each presentation. How you set this up, is completely up to you, but below you can find an example of a conference schedule.

9:00 9:30 Registration & Setting up posters
Session 1
9:30 9:40 Welcome by the Committee, including safety briefing
9:40 10:00 Welcome talk by invited speaker (10-20 min)
10:00 10:20 Keynote Speaker 1 (20 min)
10:20 11:00 Student talks (4×10 min)
11:00 11:05 Sponsor talks
Tea/coffee break Advertise virtual posters
Session 2
11:20 12:00 Student talks (4×10 min)
12:00 12:20 Keynote Speaker 2 (20 min)
Poster Sessions + Lunch break
12:20 12:50 Odd poster numbers
12:50 13:20 Even poster numbers
Session 3
13:20 13:30 University Facility talk (10 min)
13:30 14:10 Student talks (4×10 min)
14:10 14:30 Keynote Speaker 3 (20 min)
Tea/coffee break Advertise virtual posters
Session 4
14:45 15:25 Student talks (4×10 min)
15:25 15:45 Keynote Speaker 4 (20 min)
15:45 16:15 Closing talk + Prizes (15 min)


You can focus the session on specific topics, or organise it in a way that all attendees are presented in each session, for instance, presenters from all departments in each session of a faculty-wide event.

When you have finalized the program schedule and assigned the selected speakers to specific time slots, it’s time to create your programme booklet. You need to decide if you only provide online versions or if you want to hand out hard copies to all attendees on the day. If you go for hard copies, check with printer facilities the costs and final submission deadline, and choose the one that fits your budget and timeline best.

The programme booklet can include:

  • Welcome note by the Committee
  • Schedule of events
  • Information about the keynote speakers
  • Abstracts (talks and/or posters)
  • Sponsors

How you want to create your programme booklet is up to you. It is recommended to use software you are familiar with (e.g. Microsoft Word), or take the time to get used to all features beforehand so that when the programme is finalized you can put everything together relatively quickly. You can already start to make a template booklet, allowing you to ‘copy-paste’ all information when available.

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