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Researcher Development

Researcher Development

Digital research communication

Debbie Kinsey

Debbie is an ECR in Medical Sciences. Her PhD is focused on museum programmes for people with dementia and their carers. Debbie has a a strong interest in embedding inclusivity in all aspects of teaching, learning, and research, and in finding creative ways to disseminate research beyond academia. Debbie enjoys eating a lot of cake, watching too much Netflix, and playing dungeons & dragons. You can find her on Twitter @Debbie_Kinsey.


Tom Nicholas

Tom Nicholas is a YouTuber who makes videos about politics and culture. Tom has a PhD in theatre from the University of Exeter. His thesis was on class and regionality in contemporary UK playwriting






A headshot of a woman in her 30s with light brown hair and square glasses. She is wearing a red, blank adn grey abstract print top and is in front of a rustic wood backgroundKelly Louise Preece

Kelly Louise Preece is the Head of Academic Development and Skills at the University of Exeter. During her 15-year career in Higher Education she has held roles as an academic, a researcher and a researcher developer.  From 2015-2022 she led the Researcher Development Programme for PGRs at the University of Exeter, taking a holistic and inclusive approach to Researcher Development, designing training programmes and learning inventions that support the researcher as a person.

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