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Researcher Development

Researcher Development

Day before and on the day

Final information for registrants

Provide all registrants with the final details of the conference latest a day before the event. Think of providing information about where they can find the registration table and attach the program (booklet) with session times and presentation titles/abstracts.

Template email:

“Dear All,

Insert conference name is nearly here! We hope you’re looking forward to tomorrow.

Please find attached the conference programme. This contains a schedule of events, and abstracts for all the talks and posters. Hard copies will be provided at the registration desk on the day.

For sustainability reasons, we kindly ask you to bring your own cups/mugs for the coffee breaks and lunch.


Insert venue directions.

If you are joining us virtually:

All posters can be viewed at Insert webpage from Insert dates and you can interact with the presenters via the chat box. Password: Insert password.

All talks will be live streamed via Zoom:
Insert conference name Morning Sessions (09:30-12:20)
Meeting ID

Insert conference name Afternoon Sessions (13:20-16:15)
Meeting ID


We can’t wait to see you all on Insert day – in person and virtually!

Best wishes,
Organising Committee”



Awards and Prizes:

One thing that will not be known until the day is who wins the talk and poster prizes (if you are giving them out) –

  • Prepare the prizes beforehand without the name which can be filled in and signed when the votes have come in.
  • Judges vote – take enough time to calculate/count.
  • Audience/People vote – online (QR codes) or paper + box. Mentimeter is a good software that can take in audience votes.
  • Design award certificates which can match up with prizes (see below for example.












To make things easier on the day, everything that can be prepared the day before should be completed. This should include the following:

  1. Setting up the venue, this should include things like moving any furniture away to make space for poster boards and making sure there are enough seats for the lecture theatre. If there are large pieces of furniture that cannot necessarily be put away easily, you can submit a porterage request (section 8.2). Likewise, if you are having poster presentations, you will need to submit a porterage request to move the poster boards to the venue the day before the event. This will give you time to set the boards up the day before.
  2. Getting the presentation slides ready. To ensure the smooth running of presentations, you may want to request all presenters to send their presentations in the day before and compile it into a single PowerPoint presentation to work with. Perhaps you can split up the presentations into different sessions to make the presentation smaller. It is also wise to familiarise yourself with the lecture theatre, using the projector, microphone, and computer available at the venue. If you are streaming to an online audience as well, familiarise yourself at the venue. See section 8.4 for more details about online presentations.


Run a registration table with this checklist below

  • Conference booklets for participants (see section 9.2)
  • Participants name tags (see section 6.5)
  • List of participant’s names
  • List of speakers/ presenters


IT equipment check

Do a final IT check to make sure the:

  • microphones are working properly
  • Computers and slide presenter are ready
  • Online streaming platform is ready (if you are running a hybrid conference)
  • If you have booked AV support (section 8.5) from the university, do this with the technician on the day and ensure you have a means of contacting them.



  • Direct participants to the building
  • Make sure participants know where the venues/rooms are


Session chairs

  • Make sure all presenters are present
  • Compile slides and have it ready before the start of the session
  • Time each talk and make sure to signpost/ show the presenter how much time is left (i.e., 5 mins, 2mins left) .


Judges/Award panel

  • Check that the judges are given the evaluation/grading sheet (see section 10.5) for the session.
  • Identify a key person to collect the evaluation sheet from the judges after the session.
  • Compile & calculate the scores – have the awards ready at the end of the conference.



  • Set up tables for refreshments and/or lunch (see Section 8.7)
  • Keep in mind that you will need sockets for hot water boilers and coffee percolators.
  • The hot water boilers and coffee percolators can take a long time to heat up depending on their size, so turn them on well in advance.
  • Ensure that you have enough bins throughout your venue.


Welcome by the Committee (chair) with safety briefing and enjoy the conference!

Cleaning up

Unfortunately, the hard work is not over after the conference. The venue will have to be returned to the way it was before, so make sure you have cleaning materials in hand to clean up. If you have booked porterage service to move furniture, make sure to submit a request for them to move furniture back. If you need professional cleaning services (that come with a charge), check section 7.3 for more information. These services may not be available at night, so you may have to book them for the morning the day after.

Congratulations you have now successfully run a conference!

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