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Researcher Development

Researcher Development

When am I ready to publish and finding the right journal

It’s not enough to have novel data to present. You also need to have an engaging angle for your paper, one that will convince the reader to read your research.

Think about the research you plan to write about. Is there a perspective you can take that is both interesting and unfamiliar to the reader? It might be the meaning behind a novel set of results. You might be bringing new methods to the topic, or a different theoretical approach. The new angle could also be a different interpretation, a new way of framing the problem or fresh disciplinary perspectives.

Reflect on the following and make notes. Imagine you have to ‘pitch’ your paper to a prospective editor. See you can present this articulately in three or four minutes to a colleague. Dealing with the ‘angle’ of your paper through dialogue, in a supportive environment with peers, can be highly productive.

  • What is the problem, puzzle or debate you are writing about?
  • Why is this important and to whom?
  • How will you address the problem, puzzle or debate in this paper?
  • What will you specifically add to what is known?
  • What will the reader know at the end of the paper that they did not know at the start?

Adapted from Pat Thomson (2017)

Now you’ve watched the video, it’s time to look at some journals. Using these prompts, create a shortlist of journals and working out which could be the perfect journal for your research.

You can also download a text version of this infographic.

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