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Researcher Development

Researcher Development

What is an effective researcher?

To begin, identify the skills and personal qualities you believe an effective researcher should have. Are they knowledgable about their subject? Critical? Enthusiastic? Do they operate with integrity? How do they communicate?

You can do this in three ways:

1. Create a poster representing what an effective researcher looks like. This should take the form of a picture or cartoon which identifies the characteristics you think an effective researcher should have, rather than describing yourself.

2. Download and print this worksheet to map out the skills and personal qualities of an effective researcher.

3. Create a list of the skills and personal qualities of an effective researcher.

Now you have your map of the skills and qualities of an effective researcher, begin to organise them in to categories.

Can you identify broad areas/topics where an effective researcher has knowledge, skills and experience?

Which areas do you have the most experience in, and which do you value highly?

Reflect, and make some notes.

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