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Researcher Development

Researcher Development


Planning Ahead: Developing Yourself and Your Skills Summary An effective researcher has a holistic skillset An effective researcher is well-rounded, with knowledge, skills and experience in a range of areas including their subject, their self-management, and their communication The RDF isn't just a framework but a tool to plan holistic development The RDF can and should be used as a tool to analyse your current experience, identify learning areas and evaluate your overall effectiveness as a researcher. So you know what your training needs are - what next? There are a wide variety of training opportunities available through the Doctoral College, your academic College, the wider University and the GW4 Alliance. Continuing professional development CPD is a cycle Continuing professional development is a repeated cycle of activity that involves much more than attending a training session. That's why you revisit your Training Needs Analysis at least once a year. Reflection is the key The key to the RDF and CPD is critical reflection - that identifies our learning, considers how to apply it to practice and evaluates its impact.

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